Top 5 reasons for a buggy tour in Mijas

Top 5 reasons for a buggy tour in Mijas

There’s plenty of great reasons to go on a buggy tour through the amazing mountains of Mijas, however there might be one or two that you haven’t thought of yet. So, here is our Top 5 of why we think you really will have an absolutely superb time.

Experience the thrill of off-road driving

Mijas has stunning landscapes and lots of off-road trails, which can be best experienced on a buggy tour. You can drive through rugged terrains, dirt tracks, and even streams, guaranteed to give you just a little bit of an adrenaline rush.


Explore the scenic beauty of Mijas

It’s a charming municipality with picturesque views, and a buggy tour is a great way to explore its natural beauty. You can drive through the countryside, visit lots of secret hidden spots, and enjoy breath-taking views of the mountains and the sea.


Learn about the culture and history

A buggy tour is not just about driving; it’s also an opportunity to learn about Mijas’ culture and history. Your tour guide will take you to plenty of different sites, explain the local fauna and flora, and share lots of interesting stories with you along the way.


Fun activity for families and friends

Buggy tours are a fun activity that can be enjoyed by families and groups of friends. You can share the driving experience, take photos together, and create wonderful lasting memories.


Personalised experience

Our tours are generally comprised of small groups, which means that you can enjoy a much more personal experience. Your guide can tailor the trip to your preferences and take you to places off the beaten path.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to come along and join the fun! We guarantee that you definitely won’t regret it!

Our buggy tours are available all year round on a 3-hour, 2-hour or 1-hour basis.

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